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Forum under (spam) attack

It is clear that there have been at least 2 sets of attacks on the forum recently (I am assuming from the same source) - today (19.1.17) the first 5 pages of posts are bogus. This seems to be more serious than simple spamming and looks closer to a denial of service attack - cleverly from groups of new forum IDs. If it is 'bot' driven then your filter to keep these out is failing. If it is not then it may be a specific attack on this forum - attempting to make it unusable - presumably as an attempt to suppress what is being said on here. A part-time admin cannot hope to keep up with a sustained attack, and quite soon looking for 'real' posts by genuine users will become not worthwhile. Is there any commonalty with the ISPs/ 'true' e-mail IDs of the attacker(s)?

Amended to add:- Great clear out - let's hope the attack doesn't re-start.
It's simply spam posts by people employed in India, so they get around the 'bot' filters. They're paid by the number of posts they put up so they're persistent but will hopefully bugger off soon.

Great clear up by the moderators!

The Administrator
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