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Why do I have to log in every time I visit the forum now? Previously, whenever I visited, I remained logged in. Small problem but a tad annoying!
I was able to reproduce your problem by deleting the eastdulwichforum.co.uk phorum_session_v5 cookie from my computer. I think its absence is the most likely cause. It might have happened if your browser configurations were recently changed, eg not to accept cookies, or to delete them at the end of each internet conection. Or it could have come to the end of its one-month life and got deleted automatically. But in that case I'd expect your situation to have beeen back to normal after your next login.

If you do want to actually check cookies and settings, you can probably do so via a Privacy menu item within Preferences or Options somewhere in your browser main menus.

I'm incidentally curious, about why people want to be always logged in. I tend to do so only when I want to post or to access PMs, and then I logout again.

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Hi ianr,
I mainly like to be kept logged in because it shows posts with new comments. Additionally it's because I haven't reset the password provided and I can never remember it so have to go into my emails to find it. Having to do that every time means it's a bit of a bus! Lazy, I know!
It seems to have rectified itself and I'm happy finding myself logged in when I hit the Eda button on my home screen. Thanks for taking the the time to explain.

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