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Duplicate posts

It used to be the case that if you tried to post a post twice, you couldn't and you'd get a message saying duplicate post.

But several times recently I've posted duplicate posts (from my phone, because I wasn't sure if I had posted them or not) and they have both been posted and I've had to delete one.

Has something changed?
I think there's a difference between you accidentally (or for others, maybe intentionally) hitting the post message button twice - when the connection isn't behaving properly at the users end - and the communication finding the forum - the receiver end (it's too early for proper tech stuff)...
No, there has been quite a time lapse between the posts.

I've seen what I thought was an unposted post on my phone, so posted it, but then found it had already been posted some time before.

ETA: And yes, my fault and my memory is rubbish, but it helps if the system tells me so big grin

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There's a time span for blocking duplicate posts

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Ah OK, that would explain it, thanks.

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