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Crown and Greyhound (Dog)

Doors have finally closed, website says will reopen in 2017, anyone know what as? I'm hearing a hotel, if so, will it keep pub/ bar element?
Apparently they're adding a boutique hotel and restoring the pub. It's supposed to be open again in 15 months. From the Court Lane side there has been building work going on for some time already, so I'm wondering if it's going to have an entrance there as well.

More details in the latest issue of The Dulwich Society's magazine:

Is there any other bar/pub in Dulwich Village??
Not in it, apart from what's in the restaurants. I think the nearest are the Plough and the Alleyn's Head, both Village borders.
so that's it for pubs in the village, restaurant/hotel bars just aren't the same, shame!
To be fair, it was a pretty rubbish pub.
I wonder if it would be possible to start a community pub to see the village through?
The service and food was the problem, not the physical pub itself, which is great
Agreed, although at least it was a pub. Unbelievable to think that's it for the village. There is nowhere to nip for a quick pint...
What's a village without a village pub?
Robert Poste's Child Wrote:

> What's a village without a village pub?

or a Fish & Chip shop, Kebab Shop, Curry House , Chinese T/A.

That's why the Villagers descend on Lordship lane so often and help keep the prices out of the range
of many folk in East Dulwich.

I don't really associate the things you've listed with a village, Foxy, but no argument with them if that's what it means to you.

The lack of pubs does seem odd given the importance the Estate and the Dulwich Society attach to the idea of it being a real village. My elderly neighbours say that in the past it had proper village shops, like a butcher and a greengrocer. Expect it had a local bobby, too. I wonder if there are any local 'resting' actors who would like to wander up and down in the village at weekends dressed as a policeman? Probably cheaper than the real thing.
Robert Poste's Child Wrote:

> I don't really associate the things you've listed
> with a village, Foxy, but no argument with them if
> that's what it means to you.
Not a lot of space for humour in your world is there. smiling smiley

On a serious note many Villages up and down the country have lost their pub.
A handful have been save by co-operatives buying their pub.

I don't think that could ever be the case for the Crown & Greyhound (Formerly two separate pubs I believe)

DulwichFox Wrote:

> Robert Poste's Child
> Not a lot of space for humour in your world is
> there. smiling smiley

Plenty, thanks, just wasn't apparent there was any in your post, so I took it at face value.

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Hotel Du Vin is what I've just heard. Though nice, v expensive!
Apparently they're keeping the pub as a pub rather than turning it into a fancy bar...just upgrading and adding a hotel to maximise full potential of what is a huge building. Just what I've heard though so I could be wrong...
As I said in the second post on this page then...
I always thought it should be a small hotel, given its size and location

Count ourselves lucky that it's not a Youngs house, they'd fekk the place up for sure

That said, i'm keeping my fingers crossed that this lot don't tart the arse out of it

I liked the old smaller bar area, but I did eat a pretty shabby meal there a few weeks back. So no love lost for the restaurant bit
Early indications point to M&B getting first refusal to renew their existing lease. I can't say for sure /have no evidence of that but there is no reason why they couldn't do that. M&B also run small hotels through their innkeepers lodge brand:


I can't help look at those properties and think these are the kind of tinned tomato-with-the-fry up suburban belt places you wake up in after reluctantly attending a pals wedding in some home counties satellite town.

The village needs something nicer that fits the location and clientele and Hotel Du Vin would work nicely and whilst still being accessible to all. There has been nothing recently to suggest Hotel Du Vin are even still involved in discussions.

Either way, 2017 is a long time to not have any anchoring pub in the village - will we really have to wait two years?
has anybody got any updates on the re-development of the C&G ?

It seems to have been closed for ages (10 months from reading this old thread) and my Friday summer evening dog walks are just not the same
Slow progress I'm hearing...plasterers that were scheduled to be in back in November are only just starting work now. It was an old property with little maintenance done over the past half century so wouldn't surprise me if it overruns by 6 months or so....the village is not quite the same without it is it?
Originally it was due to reopen in December but from what I've heard it could now not be until next summer. And still nothing is happening with the Grove Tavern and Half Moon either. You're welcome to try speaking to Dulwich Estates about the latter two but you'll probably get nothing out of 'em.
It is a brilliant location and I hope they make the best of it

But I fear we'll get something 'south of vanilla'

Mind you, what's that pub called in West Dulwich near the wine merchants, near the railway bridge?

Now that is a shockingly DULL place, with absolutely zero atmosphere. It'd take some doing to top that
According to their correspondence online the dog isn't due to re-open until next summer? I too miss those summer evening walks around the village and seeing everyone sat outside.

At Seabag - The Alleyns Head. Yep! Dull dull dull.
Oh God, I actually went there for my dad's birthday a couple of weeks back. It hasn't changed since my last visit over a decade previously.

Food was okay, but dull is the word.
Speaking of which...I was in Rocca again last night. It's bland-done-well. The food is only a tad above average (if that) but it has a decent buzz, is always busy and has super friendly staff which makes all the difference.

Plenty locals now having a cheeky beer outside at Cafe Rouge now too in the dog's absence.

I really hope they don't suck the soul from the Dog, clad it all in pastel painted tongue and groove and dish up generic M&B slop. But it's looking that way isn't it?
Sadly ALL refurbs by committee seem to go this way

Actually, i'm going to use the Allyen's Head as my 'pulse' or 'base line' of anticipation

By doing this i'm sure to avoid anything other than 'being there, present in the moment'

Maybe this way I can reboot my anticipation level to 'Dulwich Vanilla' on my Joy-O-Meter

Obviously i'll have to avoid Peckham or anywhere equally as spicy, else I blow a valve
To be fair, the Dog has never really had that much soul IMO.

It is the only pub in that area, so has a monopoly. In my opinion they took that to mean they didn't really need to bother.
I just hope they don't take down the beautiful ceilings in the main bar areas. The place had little atmosphere before any refurb, and the service was crap too. It relied on location as much as anything. Although I love the idea of this pub, it never quite lives upto expectations. Taking visitors there always starts with great anticipation and people commenting on how lovely it looks and what a great location etc but then after standing at the bar for a good 15 minutes before being served you realise it's not all that. Great shame. Needs to be more innovative. And for Christ sakes get some experienced bar staff who know their stuff.


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