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EDF Lions Predictor Game (Rugby)

To avoid invading the other Rugby threads I've started this one for those who are playing or yet to sign up.

The link is:

The Pool name is the same as the subject of this thread and the code to enter is 'walkfull'.

The gist of it to predict a winner and winning margin. The 40 group matches are divided into 6 rounds ranging from 5 to 8 games. There is a bonus for getting all the predictions correct in a 'Round'.

You can predict as far in advance as you wish and you will be able to see others predictions once you 'lock' your own.

Round One matches are as follows:

England v Fiji

Tonga v Georgia
Ireland v Canada
South Africa v Japan
France v Italy

Samoa v USA
Wales v Uruguay
New Zealand v Argentina

Please register using your Forum name so at least we know who we are playing against. If you have any questions just post them here.

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Right it's time for some of you to get your act together and enter. I believe I need to 'accept' you so as time is running out, those of you who said you would play but haven't yet done so, now is the time. Well not quite yet but soon.
Once you lock your predictions you can see what others have predicted. A prediction not locked will be automatically so at KO.

The Round bonus point (for getting every result correct) may not apply to every round it seems. I will do an update between Rounds as for the most part there is a day or twos gap between each of them. I suggest you at least complete predictions of a Round at a time as the games are coming thick and fast. You can always change them if you don't 'lock' them.

Anyway, I don't want to preach to the converted which may well be the case.

Still time to join too.
I am in
I've noticed that more than one entrant failed to register a prediction. The good news for them is the generous organiser's allow 4 such lapses in the group stages and so each has been given a point for yesterday's match. It's not a given though as it's based on what the majority predicted. It also excludes them from any bonus points on offer.
I see that those that didn't predict have been given a TDM of 0, putting them above those that did...steward's enquiry!
That's of no use to them though RD. It's only used to determine the Bonus point winner for closest to the correct points difference. If a player didn't make a prediction they wouldn't be considered for it. If more than one were equal who did make predictions it would be divided. I agree though that they should be at the bottom of the table.

As it stands Buoy got it exactly right and scored a full bonus point plus 0.25 of a bonus for being withing 5 points. David meanwhile got 0.25 for being 4 points out. If England hadn't scored that last try things would have been so different......for me anyway.

At least I had the consolation of having a small wager on Fiji with a +25 points handicap.
Just to clarify. Opting out of predicting will win you a point for up to 4 matches if the result goes as expected. However you are excluded from the chance of any bonus points including the one for selecting the correct results in a Round where there is a bonus point to be won for getting all correct.

The TDM is a tie-breaker but only as a last resort. The following is an extract from the rules.

"The leaderboard shows the total scores of players taking part in this pool. Where required, ties are broken with tie-breaking rules. Unlike on the Global Leaderboard, Bonus Points (BP) are included here.


In the event of points ties on a pool leaderboard, position is allocated on the basis of higher WP total, then higher MP total, then lower TDM. If scores are still tied after these criteria are applied, the players are adjudged to be tied. TDM is Total Distance from Margin: the sum of the differences between a player's margin predictions and the actual margins."
These may be the scores after Round One if I can get this to work.......


Thanks to RD for the advice.

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Round 2 Matches are as follows:


Scotland v Japan
Australia v Fiji
France v Romania


New Zealand v Namibia


Argentina v Georgia
I thought France Italy might have produced a shock but it turns out it was Japan! I did read a preview of the competition that said they were much improved and a has a view decent expats playing for them but wouldnt have thought they could have beaten S Africa. Should be an interesting game against us (Scotland) tomorrow tonight. I think Scotland could do pretty well and might come out as a dark horse in the tournament......but then I think that every six nations and the last World cup!

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I think Scotland will win tomorrow mainly because of it being their first game. Two games in 5 days is a lot in rugby even if Japan have made 6 changes.
If anyone knows our current leader Matt Jackson, tell him he hasn't made his predictions for R2 yet. It would be a shame to waste all that hard work in R1.
Has someone already dropped out of the game?...
A couple who registered but didn't play I removed having tried to contact them.
dropped 2 places after last nights games! ouch
Alan Medic Wrote:

I think Scotland will win tomorrow mainly because
of it being their first game. Two games in 5 days
is a lot in rugby even if Japan have made 6

Wise words AM.
Pity you didn't enter Mick. It's not too late.
I thought Mima08 might be Mick...Mick Mac...the 08 being the last time Celtic were any good
I pretty sure Mima08 is a girl. Which 08 was that? I thought it was 67.
Top work fopr the organiser!! prodding me when needed goes above and beyond!
That's Matt everyone. You know, the one at the top with the yellow cap.
Round 2 finishes tonight and 3 starts tomorrow. These are the Round 3 fixtures:


Italy v Canada 14.30
South Africa v Samoa 16.45
England v Wales 20.00


Australia v Uruguay 12.00
Scotland v USA 14.30
Ireland v Romania 16.45


Tonga v Namibia 16.45
Round 2 Scoreboard


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Overall Scoreboard


The GSP (Grand Slam Points) bonus is for getting every result correct in a Round.

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All very Jon Snow

I know nothing
about Rugby.........
At least you didn't get the naughty stick in that Round. As you have had only two less correct results than the leader you can hardly say you know nothing.
Round 3 Results:


Yellow Cap for Mima being the only one to predict Wales to win.

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Still a long way to go.........

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Round 4 Fixtures

Wales v Fiji 16.45
France v Canada 20.00

New Zealand v Georgia 20.00

Samoa v Japan 14.30
South Africa v Scotland 16.45
England v Australia 20.00

Argentina v Tonga 14.30
Ireland v Italy 16.45

Some difficult ones to predict here methinks especially on Saturday.

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