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Fibromyalgia support group

Hi everyone we have a meet up at Kingswood House Seeley Dr, London SE21 8QR Phone: 020 8761 7239 Weds 22ND Feb 2017 at 1pm -3pm Its a great way to meet other sufferers, have a moan and a laugh and a coffee, tea and Biscuits
Do you know of any such support groups in/near Sutton as that's where I work.
Sorry only know of this one

next meetings are Tues March 21st and Tues April 18th
next meeting April 18th 1pm
I have been a sufferer for 17 years and it's good that there's support out there now for newly diagnosed people. There's a private fibromyalgia uk group on FB that you may be able to mention this group on.
Great Thanks Lesley....
next meeting is April
I really think I have Fibromyalgia. Right now it is 4.30am I have been awake all night with bad pains in my feet, hands, shoulders, knees.
I have been back and forth to my GP so many times. Not once has he got up from his chair to examine me, all he does is give me strong pain killers. I have just registered with another GO and really hope to get answers.
When is your next group please.
Next group is Thrs 18th May,,,, Then Tues 20th June
It's good to know there's support for people out there.

On a personal note do try cutting out sugar completely Karen S. It reduced my pains greatly. One theory is that some people experience pain because the body has ceased to be able to properly process refined sugars. There is, of course, no 'one size fits all'.

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