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Huge pile of fly tipped waste - Brenchley gardens

Can't believe what I just walked past so had to take a picture


Looks like someone has just tipped an entire van load in the middle of the road!

Probably the builders who worked on a site but please this highlights the need to use proper approved waste removal and not just a number of a man and a van - your waste will end up like this on someone else's Street
Sadly with changes to vans using the recycling centre and charges for bulk waste collection, it's possible that this is only the tip of the forthcoming rubbish iceberg

Agree best to use approved waste removal companies but people being people will go for the cheapest option.
I can see from that, my ward is the worst for flytipping! I think the flytipping you reported Calsug was removed very quickly as I was going to report it that day but it had already gone!

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