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Best places to see bluebells just out of SE London are...

Check out the bluebells on great walks around Downe, Shoreham, Sevenoaks etc... but please don't trample them or pick them [localkentwalks.com]
Around Sturry and Canterbury too!

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Emmetts Gardens
No need to leave SE London, lots in Dulwich Woods / Sydenham nature reserve today.
Thanks for the post - we did the " figure of eight" walk today and the bluebells (and wild garlic) were fantastic!
Glad you liked it Carrie. Loads of butterflies on that walk too, on the path at the foot of the escarpment.
What is the figure of eight walk??
If you click on Amac's link the first post it takes you to her website - the figure of eight walk is number 7 on the website - a five mile walk around Ightham Mote and Shipbourne in Kent with some stupendous views and loads of bluebells
Absolutely,Robert. And Beckenham Place Park, a large expanse of grass and woods (now the golf course has gone) with a cafe, is also good for bluebells. There's a sense that Beck Place Park is just being rediscovered... really great place considering how close it is to central London. However, the purpose of my website [localkentwalks.com] is really to suggest places in the nearby countryside, in the green belt and just beyond, to those (new to the area or otherwise) who may not know where to go for country walks.
Amac thanks so much for this thread.

We went to Shoreham on the train on Sunday and did the circular walk.

Bluebells, fantastic views, great ale at the George Inn - Old Peculier on draught- and a fantastic roast lunch for just under a tenner!

Then we wandered round the village and saw Samuel Palmer's house etc.

We had a lovely walk and a lovely day and we will deffo try out the other walks!

ETA: And the bluebells were proper bluebells, not those big Spanish question mark things smiling smiley

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Hi Sue
Sorry for late reply. Really glad you enjoyed the walk - I like hearing that (as opposed to 'we got lost and it rained'). Interestingly, Samuel Palmer apparently spent most of the time in a hovel that's no longer around. The Palmer house was his dad's I think, but Sam wanted to stay close to the rural people and share their way of life.
We did think it was rather a grand house!

He is one of my favourite artists smiling smiley
Some of the very best bluebells just now are above Shoreham, on the top of the western rim of the valley at Meenfield woods. Some pix

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