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Article on Winkworth's dark dealings

Interesting article on Guardian website on dark dealings by local estate agents.
Outrageous behaviour
This type of thing is nothing short of modern day highway robbery.
Never has one generation (buy-to-let landlords) been more successful in stitching up another (today’s millennials). The ban on letting fees can’t come soon enough.

This case was about the letting agent taking the proverbial, not the landlord...
Greedy bastards sad smiley
Many moons ago, when I was renting, the agent sent me an invoice for some £300 for 'tenancy renewal fees' after my 12-month tenancy had automatically become a rolling contract. I ignored them. They started chasing aggressively. I asked them if they could be so kind as to point where in my contract I committed to paying them anything after 12 months. They said it was their 'policy'. I said it was my 'policy' not to pay out money I don't have to. After a bit of back and forth, I had to threaten them with legal action if they didn't stop harassing me. They never admitted that money was not due, but in the end they sent a rather ridiculous letter in which they explained they waived that fee out of the kindness of their heart!

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