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New Cooking School

Such a lovely new Cooking School called Kitchen Skills opening next week - Classes for kids and adults. Liked the Flavor Class for the little ones - They have a little garden at the back where they grow herbs. Kids will use herbs and get to know them.

Great Vegetarian/Vegan classes for adults. Its on Kirkdale in the listed High Street buildings. Open Day next Saturday 22nd all day with free cookies and coffee

Here is the Instagram link


Anyone wanting to start fresh or just improve cooking skills .. looks like the area now has a good option with Kitchen Skills
Basically Shafiq you've written a glowing review for your own business - well done.
No harm in praising great efforts of my wife - I personally didn't do much - maybe thats why its turned out so lovely.

Come and take a look. The website goes live tomorrow www.kitchenskills.co.uk - pretty funky too.
Ha, and why not.

I've been in there, it's very nice and with a look.

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