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Future of the Peckham cinema and multi storey car park


You can use the letter here: [peckhamvision.wixsite.com]

* The Council’s New Southwark Plan (NSP) proposes ‘comprehensive redevelopment’ of the Cinema and Multi Storey Car Park (NSP56).

* The building would be demolished after 2022 and the end of the leases of Bold Tendencies, Frank's Café and Peckham Levels.

* The Council says they would try to relocate the PeckhamPlex cinema, but its future would be uncertain.

* The Planning Inspector said the Council should research long term uses, before taking the final decision. They haven't done this yet.

* If you agree the building's potential needs full examination before the final decision, let the Council know before 5pm on 28th April 2017.

You can USE THE LETTER HERE: [peckhamvision.wixsite.com]
Please feel free to amend or add to the suggested wording.

More background to the planning issues on the cinema and multi storey car park site is here:
Peckham Vision website: [goo.gl]

If you have any queries please email info@peckhamvision.org or drop in to the Peckham Vision shop in Holdrons Arcade 135A Rye Lane open Tuesdays 2-4pm and Saturdays 2-5pm. There is always someone there to discuss planning matters. Peckham Multi Storey cards, T-shirts and tote bags for sale also.

Please share this post on your networks, and encourage anyone with an interest in the future of the building and the town centre to send in their comments.
Think of all the £££ council tax southwark could make if those sites were converted into executive apartments!
you can see it coming with the 'Peckham is the best place in London to live" headlines.....

Peckahm Waitrose if the new East Dulwich M&S
Just 6 days to go to get your views in to the Council on the future of the Peckham cinema and multi storey car park building. You can use the letter here: [peckhamvision.wixsite.com]

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