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cheap computer / laptop repairs recommended

Please can anyone recommend a laptop repair shop that is reasonably CHEAP. Many thanks.
Depends what you mean by cheap!

People have to earn a living!
I go to Modern Computers on the OKR [www.moderncomputers.com] Google reviews are mixed. They built this PC that I am typing on, maintain it, repaired my Macbook (dunno why, as they are obselete a week after you buy them - and that is a swipe at Apple) and repaired a touch screen laptop (not like the wonkers at PC World)
I used Netquest consulting and was really pleased with the work they did.
I'd second Netquest, charges seemed very reasonable...
Do Netquest actually do repairs? You wouldn't know it from the website.
The Netquest in Pellatt Road, they mean.

I don't think it has a website.

It's opposite The Lordship.

Christian is very helpful.
There is a website, and it doesn't mention repairs as such, but I'm sure he will have a look at Med's Mac and carry out a repair if he can... [www.netquest-consulting.com]
red devil Wrote:

There is a website, and it doesn't mention repairs
as such, but I'm sure he will have a look at Med's
Mac and carry out a repair if he can...

The home page says he does repairs.

Sorry btw, I was previously looking at another Netquest website which had nothing to do with the ED one, duh.

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I've used Modern Computers on OKR and Net Quest . I prefer Modern Computers - they repaired a laptop which Net Quest couldn't help with and are open normal hours .
I agree though that Christian is lovely .And helpful .
Hiya Lavender27
Yes I can for sure make a recommendation!
Surf Stop
52 Brixton Road, Camberwell

Open Seven Days a Week

Frank 0207 820 0009

For Lap Top PC Computer repairs There Is No Better In South East London.
Five Star Service – Friendly - Prompt – Terrific Value.
Have used Surf Stop previously all good, however it is the most recent experience that I wish to share.
The previous repair was completed same day.
On 3rd August 2017 My Dell Laptop went up its own exhaust pipe.
Was not a virus issue but my PC was really acting out of character, on restart I was unable to open anything.
ALSO had a new Imoga 1.5TB hard drive – with no power cable ( USA Purchase )
Two other 1TB drives that I could not access
So no hard drive back up for at least SIX months.
There is a MASS of data on my hard drive!
Mid-day I arrived with my Dell and three hard drives.
Supplied cable for the Imoga.
Fixed the other hard drive units – both needed to be opened.
The Dell – There was such a mass of data that it took until Saturday to transfer to my 1.5TB unit.
It is now 100% working, much faster, with all my bookmarks saved – and at my request reverted to Windows 7
All my hard drive data has been saved as a desktop icon.
Frank took my number and kept me updated with progress.
I estimate excluding copying my hard drive that Frank spent at least four hours fixing everything.
The TOTAL COST: £80!

Can you imagine if I had called out for PC Repair – most start at £75 an HOUR – it took OVER 48 hours to copy my hard drive – you do the maths!

Suffice to add Frank received more than £80 and did not expect to receive a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine.
When I receive EXCEPTIONAL service it should be acknowledged and shared.

So if anyone reading this review opts to have your computer repaired by Frank please do mention Michael from Nunhead.
If you do have bookmarks just remind Frank to save them.
Is Christian usually difficult to get hold of? I've left two v/mail messages and haven't heard from him.
Yes ,that's my experience ,Especially during school holidays .It's one of the reasons I use Modern Computers in the OKR .
My son used them for his um is it called tower ? computer .They were very good .And helpful .And local .

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