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Rat using crossing

PS on leaving sainsbury's, turning right towards goose green, had to stop at the lights. There were some people waiting at the kerb to cross as the lights changed. There was also a big rat on the kerb, waiting to cross. The traffic stopped and the beeping started, at which point the people crossed on the crossing together with the rat.

Clever rat?
Clever rat or a Fwit poster.
I saw a fox using the crossing just by St Pauls cathedral one early morning not long ago.
I saw a zebra crossing once
teddyboy23 Wrote:

I saw a zebra crossing once

So did I.Also saw a Pelican crossing.
If you go to Herne Hill you can see a toucan crossing.
Not seen, but I've heard a diamond ring and a rubber band, I've even heard a fireside chat.......
Oh, by the way, that was no rat that was my pet coypu (wish he'd get over this wanderlust).
Mick Mac Wrote:

Clever rat or a Fwit poster.

Definitely a clever rat, waiting at the kerb until the traffic stopped and the beeps went.
To call someone a Fwit isn't nice.
Perhaps if I had claimed to have seen a duck in the library using the internet to sort out his banking .....
Yeh everyone knows ducks use online riverbanks
haahahahah I saw a pigeon once . lol .We should know it , animals are more clever than us !!!! A part to have a big hearth not like some human full of ego !! :D
Glad to hear some (one) is using the crossings- there is a massive jay question markwalking problem in this area
If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, quacks like a duck it must be a duck!
I saw a robot crossing the road..

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