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Baking question

I've doubled the basic 4x4 sponge recipe to use an 8in/20cm tin instead of 7in, plus I'm only using one tin (because that's all I've got) and planning to split the sponge later.

Does anyone know how much longer you need to allow in the oven (5-10 mins?) and if you need to lower the temperature? Having googled I'm none the wiser but I bet someone here will know.

Thanks in advance. Life would be so much easier if I could follow a recipe or any other set of instructions without having to change it.
If you've got the time I'd bake half the mixture, turn it out to cool then bake the other half - too much sponge mixture in the tin will inevitably leave the middle soggy (I speak from experience having been exactly this one tin position!). Hope it goes well.
Thanks, rendel, that sounds sensible, although I'm wondering if the other half of the mix will go flat while it's waiting for it's turn. What do you think? Maybe best to have a practice run.
Should be OK, just give the second lot of batter a stir to make sure it hasn't separated while sitting, I reckon (I should say I'm no Mary Berry though!).
Thanks. Off for a swim now to work off the cake fear.
be bold RPC - it isn't as though a failure in your eyes will not be eaten anyway is it? sound trifle base even! good luck (pics please if great success)
Got smacked in the mouth swimming. Not a good omen, I feel.
No .please don't leave it to stand.the air will go out of it. Make it in 2 batches. (But happy to be proven wrong).
Thanks. Think I'll try one big one and keep an eye on it.
womanofdulwich Wrote:

No .please don't leave it to stand.the air will go
out of it. Make it in 2 batches. (But happy to be
proven wrong).

Can one just not beat some air into the second batch? I've never noticed a difference between the two - maybe both my halves were flat!

How did it go RPC?
Www.sweet2eatbaking.Com has guides about cooking time and size.
Swimming followed by baking? That can only mean one outcome. A soggy bottom...
And a fat lip (see above).

It took an extra 20 mins in the end. Practice version looking plausible so as I have to transport it tomorrow I'm going to freeze this one, add the filling in the morning and let the defrosting process keep it cool for me.
My food and nutrition o level teacher would say it was all to do wth the chemical reaction of the eggs, but I don't know for certain. How did it go??
Actually glad you didn't listen to me, curious I looked it up and yes, as WoD says, sponge batter relies on the foaminess of the eggs which quickly decays. Thing is I use various things to make an egg replacer so the batter relies more on being heavily whisked just before being poured, so it can stand to be stood.
Interesting. I did the all-in-one method which would probably have less of a problem with waiting than some other types.

Stakeholders (cakeholders?) include two under-tens so they'll definitely tell me if it's not very nice.
How did it go RPC - if you havnt achieved it yet, using just one tin and all the mixture, put tin foil over the top, if you have to leave it in oven for longer, so as nit to burn the top. And take tin foil off for the last 10 mins.

Hope it turns/turned out ok.

All the best.
Hiya ..i am doing a afternoon tea at home soon.proceeds going to grenfell.my baking skills are variable ,think I will be ok with the scones and lemon drizzle loaf..although my last one came out flat but tasty ,think I will change from 85g to 125g ingredients,I have a 9inch cake tins, was thinking to do a chocolate cake or something with strawberries.. I want to put a nice spread on for my friends within my baking skills and a budget..
Any advice...?
Think I need to adapt a recipe for 9inch tins.
Hi check out Waitrose recipes there is a good cake which combines sponge meringue and strawberries--dead easy .
How about a Victoria sponge filled with whipped cream (add a teaspoon of icing sugar and a couple of drops of vanilla essence if you have it) and sliced strawberries? Blueberries are also good.

ETA - or start as above but do in muffin or fairy cake cases with filling piled on top.

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I like the sound of that. I may just be able to manage to pull it off..
I think I am going to make 2 sponges in the week ahead of time in case I need to redo..when should take the frozen sponges out for a 1pm tea?
Depends how warm the day is - maybe an hour or two ahead of when you need to ice them? I found they're slightly less soft and fluffy after being frozen but still have the authentic home-made smell.

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