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Goodby NHS, Well done Tory voters


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can't be bothered to read that but I do know that private medicine and NHS obviously exist side by side- the same doctors and consultants do both. Also there is an exodus of trained staff from the UK and they have received massive subsidised training from us (it costs £360,000 to train a doctor for example)and there is this
When you get wildly differing views on a subject, it's always best to refer to the FullFact website for a sensible, balanced view.


And, as a bonus, it's a one-pager, rather than a dry, 46-page government report.
bodsier Wrote:


Sorry about that old chap, I guess I was a bit distracted as my highly polluting car, constructed completely of ivory, was playing up that day, and I couldn't get to my weekly fox hunt on time. I guess I just thought to myself, why not just sh-t on the little guy and the NHS to at least salvage something out of a tough day.....

Or perhaps some conservative voters actually weighed up their options and made reasoned decisions based on information other than what you read in the Graun....
Can you vote Cat?...
Nice one Loz will probably use a go-to site when the need arises
red devil Wrote:

Can you vote Cat?...

I can. Despite being a foreigner, im a resident and a commonwealth foreigner. So the right type of foreigner I guess.
So that report says that £1.8BN a year goes on so-called "health tourism." £500M of that is recoverable. Even disregarding that, that comes to around 1.5% of the NHS budget of £118BN. Unless you're a frothing immigrant hater who blames them for all our problems (hello uncleglen!), it's not the most significant challenge the NHS is facing right now.

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