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Shutters - do they block enough light?

We're thinking of installing plantation shutters in our bedroom. Hearing mixed things about whether they really block enough light. Any thoughts?

I'm particularly interested to know if anyone opted for the ones that have a blackout shutter fitted within the frame. A local fitter said they do block more light, but are so expensive and deep off the window that they're not worth the extra. Confused.
I have plantation shutters and unfortunately they do not block out the light. I wish I purchased the blackout now, however I was advised that the frame is very deep too! I usually use an eye mask if I want to sleep in winking smiley
I ordered blackouts from this guy about 4 years ago: [cornerstaraluminium.com]
Not the super-expensive Warema, but a cheaper option. They don't block 100% of the light like rolling shutters in some countries on the continent, but I'd say they do a very good job of blocking about 90%.
The same guy also made two bespoke screen doors, to keep the balcony doors open, but mice and insects out.

John Lewis and Argos sell cheap blackout blinds but, in my experience, the weak point of those is that they tend to be at least 1 cm away from the window, which lets in a lot of light.

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