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battery for watch

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement watch battery please?
dry cleaners...next door to post office in lordship lane
Or Timpsons in Salisbury's DKH.
Penguin68 Wrote:

Or Timpsons in Salisbury's DKH.

They wanted more to fit a new battery than I paid for the watch (I bought a new watch big grin )
The cheapest place I've found locally is in Peckham market, just up on the right from the main entrance
I definitely recommend the dry cleaners next to the post office on LL. Timpsons are expensive and I have found them quite rude.
anyone ever fit their own battery (there's a tool)
You can buy a half dozen watch batteries for a couple of quid on Epay. In many cases a speccial tool is not required. Even if you have to buy the the tool to twist off the cover is not expensive - frm 99 pence to £3. Then you have the tool for life.
Dyson Dave Wrote:

You can buy a half dozen watch batteries for a
couple of quid on Epay.

Not being funny, but how long do they last? About a week?!
I buy a pack of batteries from Poundland and replace my watches and other things which last for ages and certainly more than a week.
Me too. There's plenty of guidance on the net on how to do it. Pound shops also have sets of small screwdrivers if you need one to to remove screws from the case or the cell mounting. You can also get very cheap watch back remover tools via aliexpress. I only needed one for a more expensive waterproof watch. In most cases a firm penknife blade or similar was enough. Some watches may have or recommend silver oxide cells (type name begins with an 'S'). These are a little bit more expensive. Keeping the cells in the fridge helps their shelf life.
Thanks, useful to know!
Thanks for the suggestions everyone and sorry for taking so long to respond.
I went to the dry cleaners next to the post office, as suggested on here.
My watch now tells the correct time all day instead of just twice a day!
Do these places sell batteries suitable for Swatch watches?
Yes mine is a swatch. Used the dry cleaners next to the post office in Lordship Lane.
That's useful to know as I couldn't find anyone local for my Swatch and went back to Oxford Street.
I assume that all watches use one of a small set of standard batteries.

Swatch appear to offer free replacement if you can face going to the right shop, such as the Oxford Street one [www.swatch.com].
That's great to know - shame it hadn't started when I got mine but next time!
Peckham high street mall near Argos across from the arcade entrance to Morrison's. £5 installed

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