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Wimbledon 2017...

It's that time of the year again when grown men who should know better, pull out their old Sergio Tacchini tops, embarrassingly too tight and slighty grey shorts, Dunlop Green Flash pumps and colour coordinated head and wrist sweatbands, and head off to the local park clutching a pair of furry balls.
Over to you Quids... smiling smiley
Robson already out in round 1.
My Konta Murray double to win, I put on weeks ago. Looking unlikely!
Maybe not so unlikely..

Help-Ma-Boab Wrote:

My Konta Murray double to win, I put on weeks ago.
Looking unlikely!
Konta's now the favourite @ 5/1. Murray 6/1. You must have got a good price for a double HMB.
Not great. At the time Murray was 2/1 Konta was 12/1
Murray struggled but came back fighting to win, lets see how his hip holds old, no more wardrobe surfing for Kim then!!
Jo Konta through to quarters!
...and Muzz. Still on for my double..

turtle Wrote:

Jo Konta through to quarters!
the Nadal v Muller match was spectacular. smiling smiley
It was great till Nadal, my favourite player of all time, lost. All credit to Muller though, he was so calm that at one point the commentator said 'Nadal is all fired up and Muller looks like he's stepped out of a fridge!' Wimbledon is fantastic this year, loving it! Be great if Jo Konta wins and we can stop talking about Virginia Wade..... Fingers crossed for your double Help-Ma-Boab!

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womanofdulwich Wrote:

the Nadal v Muller match was spectacular. smiling smiley

I found it increasingly boring as it went on. I think it's time for Wimbledon to rethink the fifth set tie breaker.

The Mexican wave said it all.
A brilliant match to end a brilliant Manic Monday. Rafa losing has potentially made it easier for Murray to get to the final, hip permitting. Fed looking very good...
What a win, well done Konta!
Still on. Tomorrow we go again. M'oan the Muzzle
Coupon burst!
Never trust a Scotsman where money is involved HMB.
Unlucky sir, I was rooting for you...I wonder what odds one could have got on Konta winning and Murray not making the semis?
He's back to being a Citizen of the World then sad smiley
It was all about Jamie Murray in the mixed doubles for me anyhow...
I have thoroughly enjoyed Wimbledon this year loads of thrilling matches men and women games..The Nadal.muller game was tense..i love Nadal sad to see him go..I have a new found respect for Murray.. although he is painful to watch in interviews he didn't make the loss about his injury in the interview and was very quietly Scottish humble..gosh just wish he would smile now and again.whats being your match of the tournament so far?
All the ludicrous blazer wearing Swiss games have been impressive. Also Venus making woman's final. Feder and Venus to win.
I was so disappointed when Nadal went out,but would be delighted to see Federer win. The mixed doubles looks like being a great match, love the rapport between the players. Happy to see Venus or Garbine win. It's definitely a fantastic Wimbledon this year.
Nadal's match has been the best so far, even though I wanted him to win...as did my betting slip!
Federer has been pure class though, taking that 6 month break has paid dividends, perhaps Muzza should take heed...
Yes I loved the Nadal.. Muller match..my favourite..the standard of games has been impressive.inspired me to play on Tennis Tuesdays

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