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part time/Saturday job

My daughter, just 18, has got the urge to get a local job to earn her own money. She has tried the Sainsbury's store on Dog Kennel Hill but no joy. She's unsure what type of work she would like to do but doesn't like parental suggestions. So I am asking if you knowledge folk know anywhere looking for a junior of some kind to assist. She is very artistic in many areas i. Any suggestions most welcome.
is she a good swimmer as there is a national shortage of qualified life guards.
My 18 year old granddaughter went on a weeks course (her Mum paid) and now has a flexible part time job working in Bromley and gets more than the minimum wage per hour.
Thanks Pugwash. Yes, she is a good swimmer. Might be an option. Can you post details of the week's course involved so we can look into it?
I think you can google courses, or have a chat with the Lido.
Mrs Robinson's lordship lane looking for part timer also burro e salvia across the road have notice in window
You can look at JAG' s website for NPLQ. Right in the East Dulwich.
NPLQ is the lifeguaring qualification.
Thanks everyone!
In Nunhead I am sure I saw a part time job offered in one of the shops on Evelina Road. It may have been Ayres or Kristals.

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