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Can't decide between AA or RAC breakdown recovery never had either trustpilot a lot say waited hours for AA,
Any one have there own experiences with either and recommend.
Thank you
RAC very good on the two occasions I've called them out in the last 4 years.
I changed to the RAC when the AA left me stranded after 'repairing ' my car.
Britannia Rescue use local garages and I've always found them very good, including for Homestart.

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RAC covers the driver in any vehicle, AA the vehicle only AFAIK. I'm with RAC for this reason. However, make sure you have Homestart as extra, otherwise they only attend if you're a certain distance away from your address. They also won't recover if your vehicle is immobilised due to attempted theft or vandalism, as I found out recently.

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RAC is for posh nobs and AA is working class.

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RAC every time.

Been with RAC35 years now. They relay you home in one go,
A family member has used AutoAid twice now and the service from their nominated local garage has been good. One's spouse is covered in his/her car too. It's about £42 per year for the full deal: roadside, at home, recovery etc.

If you go with a big name, just watch out for the AA / RAC renewal price after the first year sub has expired - they are robbers. Do a bit of googling and you'll see what I mean.
Just personal experience but I had AA cover for various motorcycles: after not calling them out for over two years at the start, I had three problems for which I had to call them out in a week (puncture, electrical fault which knocked out the speedometer and a broken clutch cable). The next week I got a letter warning me that I was using their service excessively and if I made another callout in a set time (I think it was three months) my membership would be terminated. When I called for an explanation they said it was a rule to stop people with old vehicles using them instead of a mechanic - I pointed out that the callouts were on a motorcycle I'd bought brand new six months previously, but they wouldn't back down.

So went off to Green Flag who were very good, including a driver who took me and bike home after a crash even though it wasn't on my policy "because it's cold and it's sort of on my way."
I haven't had any experience of the AA but have used the RAC for the last five years and they've been brilliant. I've had to call them out about six times in total, and on each occasion they have arrived far quicker than the estimated time, and their mechanics have been outstanding.
Thanks everyone think I will give the RAC a go
green flag?
£154 pa for RAC or £43 pa for AutoAid - your call.
dbboy Wrote:

green flag?

Yes, a company which does breakdown cover, sort of thing...
This interwebby thing has the answers - personal experience here is great say for local shops but not so objective as teh attached.


You'll probably find that AA/RAC are more expensive than say Britannia Rescue - my provider, through my Nationwide account (made good sense with all the others freebies thrown in). maybe worth considering similar to me?

I had a policy thought my car but this was truly poo, with the call centre in Ireland, a 90 minutes wait and it was always an exceptionally busy time, if they even picked up at all.
Wouldn't use either now, have been using Rescue my car, which I've been with for four years and had few breakdowns and are pretty good. Just throwing in another option to look into!!

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