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Are all the yoof in Magaluf

I'm amazed. I posted a web design job on the forum yesterday, thinking that there would be lots of IT savvy youngsters who wanted to make some beer money.

I can only imagine that they are away on their hols? Or they never scan the EDF? Or they have too much money already? Or I didnt make it appealing enough?

Scratches head!
I just read your ad - it didn't really read like you intended paying them.
Thanks Loz I will fix that.
They're probably all gearing up for the sesquibillion celebrations on Friday.

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Web Design should be attractive (we have an IT intern in at the moment - I told him about the importance of change control smiling smiley ).

But every Cafe and Pub seems to have staff wanted signs up.
Thanks everyone but I have found someone.

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