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Peckham Rye Common North

Where: Peckham Rye Common North near the East Dulwich Road end
When: Saturday 15 July 12 – 4pm

An invitation from the Friends of Peckham Rye Park to a drop-in for all ages on the wonderful Peckham Rye Common. They’d like to show you some of the secrets of the north side of the Common and to get your views on how the area might be improved. There will be lots of information and fun things to do and see. Please drop by.

Contact: foprp@aol.com
thanks Eileen.

This is really interesting and we'll come along.

It's the section of the park where the Lido was situated. Do we have any news as to the chances of this being re-developed? There was the recent crowd funding to scope it out.



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