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Gain & Make New Friends; Here in Dulwich ive been here 9 years

Make new friends,
Here in Dulwich ive been here 9 years

* Call
PM Message me

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Not a good idea to leave your mobile number on a public forum for anyone and everyone to see natty, stick to PMs until you're sure someone is genuine....
Please message me
From your other recent posts it sounds like you're feeling vulnerable at the moment so best to take it slowly and get to know people, perhaps through a shared activity. Have you thought about signing up for some local classes or sports, starting with the What's On section? There's a community exercise group that meets at the cafe on P Rye each Saturday at 10.00am and for coffee afterwards. How about giving that a try?

PS: forgot to say it's free and you don't have to book.

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Natty I go to the free workout that RPC is referring to. Please come and have a run/walk and get some friendly chat at the same time...
New friends please
I don't think you will find new friends by asking randomly on here.

Nobody knows your age, gender, interests or anything about you.

All we know is that you live in Dulwich and are sadly recently bereaved.

As has been suggested, a good way to make friends is by joining a group of people who have the same interests as you.

Is there any reason why you don't want to do that?

Also, would it not be easier to do if you got some support first to help you cope with the bereavement? Several people (ETA on your other thread) have suggested ways to do that.


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Thank you
Neat bit of trolling there Nattie, how is the hunt for sexy lady going, you have many good decent kind compassionate readers here utterly fooled, and shame on you to use bereavement as a fulcrum
Why are being rude, (Moondancer)

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Someone is being in bad form here - and I don't know if it is moondancer or natty.

Do you have information we don't have, moondancer?
I am very upset and crying a lot I just wanted someone to talk too
So Natty I have invited you to join our book group but you didn't. I am beginning to wonder if this for real.

You are still very welcome to join; you can pick up the details for "What's on in East Dulwich"

All the best,

Hi Chuck
I have also tried to help natty a few weeks ago I gave my email address and natty replyed saying do I want to meet up in pub or cafe I said it would be coffee in day time but we could email each other first as I no nothing about natty other than the two theads on forum the bereavement one and making friends
I heard nothing after that lots of people have given help and advice but natty seems to still put things on forum about friends and the bereavement one
I have since wished natty all the best and hope natty gets the help, no one seems to know if natty is male or female I fully understand depression so was surprised natty did not take up offer if chatting through email as natty can put posts on forum
I think Natty is a guy from some previous posts(pre the two current threads on here) but perhaps I'm thinking of another user. Not that this would explain either of the above posts.
Natty dude, your approach is somewhat challenging. Make some effort worth conversation or you're going to be in the weirdo bin.

Depressed, sad, vulnerable or whatever, you're fit enough to post and start new threads.

So start communicating beyond the one liners.


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