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Uninsurable because I want to do an extension to my house!

I made the stupid mistake of changing buildings and content insurance companies in April and had no idea that insurance companies will not cover you for building work if you do this within a period of time ( not defined) after taking out a new policy.... so builder is lined up but may have to cancel the work for at least year. It's a pretty ordinary side return extension.

All because I wanted to go for a cheaper insurance quote.
You need to check this - I imagine that the building insurance itself may not cover damage associated with the extension work - which you could probably get separately insured (although the builder should anyway carry liability insurance to put right any consequential damage caused by his/ her work!)

Normally insurance will not cover for defects which 'occur' within 28 days (or so) of the insurance being taken out - this is typically so for insurance against issues to do with heating, power, water and electrical systems etc. - this is to avoid someone taking out insurance knowing there is a defect which would be reparable under than insurance.

But get details. As stated in your post you are not uninsure-able - although once the extension is complete you would need to extend your insurance cover to take this into account (the building you originally insured is smaller than the building you now have).

You may need to involve a broker if your current supplier is causing a problem. But this is (must be) addressable.
Thanks Penguin68. I talked to two insurance companies ( my existing and my previous one). The existing one was useless (serves me right for going for the cheapest quote). The old one advised that I go through a broker which I am now trying to do.

The builder has all the insurance he needs and I am using an architect and a Small Building Works contract. From what I understand at the moment, if I let him start work, then my insurance is void.

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