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time wasters on Dulwich Forum

It seems that some people just love to waste you time! you post detail of items for sale, you get a message, you respond you give your address then they do not bother to respond, in the interim you get more messages but your not sure if the item is going to be collected....is this getting to be the norm? is this on the increase? is it possible to do anything about it? Or is there just a lot of more rude folk around - ie they could not be bother to say sorry change of mind
I had the same a few months ago. It helped me to put deadline on things. If somebody agreed to pick something up, I'd say, if I don't hear back for you by xxxx I'll readvertise it, or give it to the next person interested. Worked a treat.

Best of luck.
1st world problems
I think it's just part of how it goes.
Ultimately this isn't eBay so certain safeguards regarding bidding / timewasting are not in place, as they should not be - it being a local forum.
Ive had same frustrations in the past and am probably guilty too of 'going cold' / not communicating on occasion.
I don't give my address out until we've agreed a collection time. If they then don't turn up without an excuse, I give some leeway to rearrange before moving on to the next responder.
I always ask for their mobile number for me to send my address to.

Haven't had a no-show so far.....
Jacqui that's a good idea!!
I had a time waster on Wednesday - wouldn't mind but saw that he provided a service I needed and was going to ask him about when he came! His loss!
A lovely person came along on Friday instead and took the item!! smiling smiley
Completely agree with you sorchamr!

I've also had a few timewasters on the forum lately and have stayed in to wait for their arrival and left my mobile number etc.
Yup also waited in ,left mobile number sent pm's --no response or apology for not turning up.

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