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Seeking Participants for Research

Hi there,

I’m new to the lounge but have used the East Dulwich forum over the years to both offer my unwanted items and get recommendations for local services. I’ve now got a more unusual request (this has been given the all clear by admin by the way).

I am a couple’s counsellor with over 10 years experience and I’m currently doing research into the decline of vitality in long term relationships.

The feeling that a relationship has “lost its spark” is a common experience that many committed couples live with yet there are no coherent strategies for counsellors who come across this type of issue. The purpose of this research is to further understanding in this area and contribute to the effectiveness of couple therapy.

I am looking for couples who are interested in taking part in this study. Participants will have been together for at least 5 years and not currently in counselling. Their relationship will be stable yet they both feel that they have lost the “spark” between them. This study will also be looking at gender differences therefore I am seeking heterosexual couples.

I wish to emphasise that I am not looking for ‘experts’ on the topic. You will be treated with respect, and not judged or personally analysed in any way. The identity of participants will only be known by me and all steps will be taken to ensure your anonymity.

What will your participation involve?
You will be invited to take part in a one-to-one 60 minute interview that will take place in a quiet and private room at a local health centre in Crystal Palace or possibly in your own home.

My research has been approved by the School of Psychology Research Ethics Committee. This means that my research follows the standard of research ethics set by the British Psychological Society.

If you or a couple that you know are interested in more details please PM me.

Many Thanks
> My research has been approved by the School of Psychology Research Ethics Committee.

You don't name the institution. smiling smiley
Apologies. It's the University of East London.
I was just curious.

I'm wondering if you might get a better take-up if you also advertise in the Family Room.
I was also wondering the same however I was advised by admin to post here.
Perhaps someeone might post a link there. [winky smiley thingy]

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