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Anywhere local open for waxing today?

Looking for a local place or person open today, Sunday, for a leg wax. Only place I can think of is in Holloway and don't fancy the journey!

Mrs Feelgood on LL is open until 4PM.
Crikey, £22 for a half-leg wax? The place I usually go to is £13.
Sorry, not au fait with prices! Just happened to notice the other week that it was open on a Sunday!
DIY job, Superdrug or boots waxing strips or pure wax. Get friend to whip it off.
Sorry, not blaming you! Just being middle-aged about money. The last time I visited the beauty salon on that site it was kind of run down with correspondingly attractive prices.

Off to supermarket to buy DIY strips.
Strangely - this may be TMI for some - it's easier to wax your own bikini line than your calves (if you have a flexible pelvis and no audience).
Hot date tonight??
I wish! Short family trip with possibility of swimming.
I think LilyAngel Nails is open Sundays. They do waxing.

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