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Betting Matters....

New thread for general betting matters.

US Open - have put £10 on David Duval to win US Open at 50/1. That would cheer me up significantly.
slippery slope, slippery slope
Hand out the Prozac now then.
If betting is a mug's game (and I am one of those mugs) then golf betting is the epitome. Good luck Mick.
yep. Its difficult to win on golf betting.hence small stake. Would be good to see duval winning to cap his comeback as he was once world number 1 and has been in the doldrums for a long time. Suspect mike weir will be the one to beat though.
My attention turns to tennis - reslly can't see beyond Federer
1.9 on Betfair - i've had a nibble. MM any views on golf?
Hi Quids - I'm still tracking / hoping for the Duval bet to come in at 50/1. I still think as I said above tht Weir may be the winner. Weir is available at 8.6 on betfair. Duval has shortened to 23s.

If you do not have sky - see it for free here>

US Open Live

or here?

US Open live

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Duval slips to 50s again after dropping to -1.

Big Phil makes abig move to -2.
Duval charges back - 2 mins ago he was 110 on betfair - then birdie and he is joint third - I conclude betfair people don't know golf.
I like 'watching' sporting events on Betfair! It's programmes/macros trying to pull money in....they are probably right
Not sure Quids - I suspect a lot of people had written him off. Great odds even now if you take into account he is the highest ranked former major winner on the leaderboard.

This guy was once the future of the game.
Duval 59
mmmm...big lead that other fellas got, maybe, maybe...sadly I'm going to have to give it a swerve as I'm knackered, all the best MM...at least your bet's still live!
You lot are so stereotypically male. I love it.
..we could be actuaries...winking smiley
You're not are you ££££?
Duval opens with triple bogey - thats the end for him.
Looks like a great finish to US Open, Tiger now -1, stalks the inexperienced leaders. Englands Ross Fisher is on -2, doing very well.
Duvall only 4 off now Mick...don't give up quite yet
I have to confess to putting £20 on big phil at 7/1 last night - and he has just eagled the 13th to go joint leader - so might get something out of this yet.
Duval now 2 back - birdies at 14 and 15 give him half a chance but lying in joint 3rd.
Lay it Off Mick - you're on 50s?...get yourself a profit
I backed Laura Robson @ 3/2 First Set today at 9/2 and laid her back at 2/1 ( money back ) and 5/4 after she Won the Set.

Could have Won £160 if she Won and lost £40 if she didn't but I traded out to guarantee a £30 Profit.

Just as well I did as she lost.

Moral of the story, take a guaranteed profit, as nobody ever went skint doing that Guys...
Thanks Quids - I'm at work - no can do.
Mick Mac Wrote:

Thanks Quids - I'm at work - no can do.

Moral of the story Michael:

After, in this case, backing a Player put in a "Lay" at the odds you choose before you go out and it might, just might, be matched while you are away and your player may not Win.

Of course you can put in a "sliding scale2 of Lays.

Maybe the first "Lay" to get your stake refunded and proceed from there.

You can't do that in a Live Football game with any confidence as the Market is Suspended every time there is a Goal and a New Market is formed, thus cancelling your offererred bet but you can do it in Golf M8.
glover has 2 shot lead. Looks the winner now.
Well I have to say I got more fun out of that tenner than all the bets I placed at Ascot on Friday on horses that only wanted to run for half the race. At least Duval never gave up unlike those cheval burger destined 4 legged excuses for thoroughbreds that I bet on on Friday.

I have to say I'm booking for Tuesday at Ascot next year when there are some decent races - ones with less than 30 horses in.

Thanks for the advice £/TLS, I have not had the confidence to lay a bet on Betfair - but do take your advice on board for next time.

Have booked to go to Kempton Wednesday night with a couple of guys from work - can't say I'm keen given my recent run.

Having read the above it all seemed doom and gloom - instead of rewriting it - I'd just like to add that I'm happier than I seem.smiling smiley

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More importantly, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on the saddle....who you fancy for Wimbledon?
££££ Wrote:
More importantly, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on the saddle....who you fancy for Wimbledon?

Lets put it like this my M8 was (still is??) the 5th highest earner in the World on Betfair and he has chosen to go to The USA now and miss betting on THe Mens which I can interpret as he doesn't see much beyond The Fed. Express now Rafa is out.
I've already dome him Tony..

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