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The Chapel of Rest

A compendium of mourning and well wishing for those who have passed beyond this mortal coil.
Disco is dead but punk isn’t.

What about those who don't go to Chapel?
Is 'chapel' strictly a religious thing?
Can't a chapel also mean a room for silent reflection, without the prayer thing?

Humanist Funeral Celebrant
Jones the Fish was strictly Chapel. He'll be missed.
My sources tell me it derives from cape and is figuratively a place of sanctuary.
I feel that's appropriate as the lounge could do without the umpteen daily death notices.

It's also directly synonymous with a roomfor funeral services so the irritating pedants religiously sensitive can rest easy (pun intended)
Oh I soooooo nearly did this thread Mockers you must have read my mind dear

I like it though

God rest their soles ( the dead cobblers that is )

Seems a bit like too much regulation to me MP. I know your view has support but surely the Lounge should have few rules/regulations or people trying to control its format. That's what its there for. Lots of people are ok with it the way it is.

The rest of the forum is nicely formatted into sections, and well regulated, but surely the Lounge should be: Post what you want and see if anyone is interested.

Thats my view for what its worth.
So, let's say every time an important football game crops up we all start a new thread about it? Would that work or is putting it in a football thread too much regulation Mick?

How does it impinge on anything if you keep RIP threads together?
Can we start a thread that debates which side of the bed Sean got out of?
Troy Kennedy Martin

Brian Barron

This is fun.
Plenty of other topics manage to have very long lasting threads. Clearly public chest beating mourning has caught some sort of zeitgeist judging by the sudden interest in doing so, but this isn't about regulation but forum ettiquette.

I merely started a placeholder for it. Of course if you'd rather I clog up the lounge with a thread dedicated to every game release, news article I've read or photo I've taken....?

Right I'm off to post an interesting piece of geekery in the geeks thread.
Sean - Its an over reaction to 2 deaths on one day.

The football thread is not a good example and its rubbish at the moment. I have started other threads about football "Best v Ronaldo" which have run as separate threads quite well.

I'm happy to go with the majority - I'm just think sometimes people overreact and try to "organise" things.

I don't mean Mockney in particular, as a few people have probably agreed this is the way forward. I understand that without you guys the forum would probably not have gotton off the ground originally and you put more in than most.

I just think I'm allowed to voice my objection on behalf of those who don't agree.

Ultimately I will conform....I guess. sad smiley
I did start a Death [email protected] thread with the intension of allowing it to be a "cadaver dump" for all.

Trouble is I can't help myself & start posting other pointless ( & I know "irritating" nonsense bla bla ) therefore rendering my serious side ......Errm....Tainted ( that's the word ) somewhat.

Fair enough Mick about voicing the opinion (apart from "overreacting to 2 deaths?" - I was able to count about 8 threads at one stage - not including *bob*'s)

But if the RIPs, and the footballers and the geeks all started threads willy-nilly then nothing else could grow in the Lounge - a really interesting topic could start and before the average reader logged in, it would be on page 8 of the Lounge, which no-one is going to go and wade through
I'd love to post a thread of my own but for some reason I can't.
I think some subjects such as Football, Rugby, Cricket, Barry Road should each have a single thread dedicated.. but when it comes to the chapel of rest for everyone who passes away then No... imagine the outcry if the BBC had run their Keith Floyd and Patrick Swayze under the same banner yesterday
I think most forums politely request that threads get recycled and not to clutter them with new threads covering the same territory.

That's not to say that there's no room for a tangential thread or that those who do repeat threads are evil, they're usually new to the whole concept of online communities or too bloody lazy to use the search (see 'how do I post a picture' treads in about, or 'new m&s' in main).

But it wasn't two was it, there have about 20 in the last couple of months.
Plus football threads are always rubbish as the frames of debate got hardwired into peoples heads in pre-puberty and stuck at the 'my dads bigger than yours' level winking smiley
As I said before - I'd love to post threads but for some inexplicable reason, I can't.
Lovely specious argument there matthew. How unusual.
mockney piers Wrote:

But it wasn't two was it, there have about 20 in
the last couple of months.

Honestly - I will conform. But I generally don't notice or even post on RIP threads, but then PS and KF die on the same day and its all a big issue that needs resolving. If you had asked me I'd have said there were no more than 5 RIPs in the last month - thats how little I normally notice them.
I think I am with Sean & Mockers on this one...there, I said it
I still can't post threads.
Yeah but...

Look at how the press re-cycle the same story under a slightly different banner, my god I know it's the gutter but look at the Katie Price/ Peter doo dah story. It fills a crap new magazine a day but the broadsheets are at it to.

Ultimately the Index thread/story system will bore people as well.

We all like "Hot of the press" even if it turns out tepid.

"Between a rock & a hard place" is what I think

( yeah you can throw your stones now if you like.)


*Now go and tidy your desks*
Are you guy's listening?
££££ Wrote:

I think I am with Sean & Mockers on this
one...there, I said it

I know - you said it yesterday too. smiling smiley
Thank you mockney, n o idea what specious means.. anyway I digress the Chapel of Rest is only fit for this thread... and of course the Drawing Room.. end it!

To have 1 thread for death suggests we have 1 thread for everything else...
bigbadwolf Wrote:

Are you guy's listening?

Mick Mac Wrote:

> ££££ Wrote:
> I think I am with Sean & Mockers on this
> one...there, I said it

I know - you said it yesterday too. smiling smiley

All you need is now Jah & *Bob* ( wildcard rule) for a full house.
PLEASE show some respect.

Someone, somewhere, is about to be wheeled-in and gawped at. And I FOR ONE probably met them in a pub somewhere, or something. And they were great. God rest.

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