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Summer songs

It's Friday
It's going to be 30 degrees
It's summertime

...it had to be
Of course that's number one Quids, but I've a soft spot for this


One of my all time favs.
Loved it...never heard that version before.
TillieTrotter Wrote:

Loved it...never heard that version before.

Who says white girls can't sing the blues
She sure has some lungs!
Was looking for that one. Lovely.
An old rehash of an older classic

I saw them last weekend at the hop farm festival.

Well their singer anyway. Craig David. He's like 95 years old and still has a voice like he's in his twenties.
less of the 'old'...
Achtung Baby album always make me wish i was in a T-bird heading west into the desert sun.

even though i'm not a particular U2 fan. Could have been if bono wasn't such a plonker.
I always liked this cover of Summer in the City Eat
Do none of you realise the height of cool summer songs is Cliff Richard on the Number 9?

Here's one made locally...
Despite Punk, suddenly Disco became cool...bins on full blast big grin

Summer of '77
Waterloo Sunset is a good one. Some woman did a cover in the 90s, may have been Cathy Dennis, but I thought she did a nice job with it, similar to Kirsty MacColl's version of Days.
Two of my favourite XTC summer songs.

Grass Brilliant video. (Fave line, "The way you slap my face just fills me with desire"!)
Season's Cycle (No vid. Fave line "Who's pushing the pedals on the season's cycle?)

Absolutely delightful!

But if I had to vote it would still be Lazy Sunday Afternoon as I posted above!

Humanist Funeral Celebrant
Enough already of all this schmultz...

For Quids...
and at about the same time of course

lovin this video

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