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Idle cricket musing

If jockeys can ride with several broken ribs, collar bones, etc, how come Pietersen can't bowl? Or is he just a little tired?
Pietersen is a right arm off spinner i.e. an orthodox “finger spinner”. He uses his fingers to spin the ball rather than his wrist. An injury to the little finger on his right hand shouldn’t be a problem when batting and guarded in a glove but wrapping it around the ball over and over is probably not the best idea until it is healed.

That and the constant rush of blood and swelling (in the hand!) associated with bowling long spells is probably not good for an injury either.

He is in the squad for his batting anyway.

Either that or all this pretending to be a pom has turned him into a big girl’s blouse. winking smiley
Give me a slow left arm any day then.
cricket, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Come on. Move it along. No sleeping on this thread.
25 for 5! What's that all about? My one-legged granny could do better.
I think they want some time for Xmas shopping.
60 something for 6, rain has stopped play... We're f**ked.
You're right there Keef. You are @#$%&.

Looks like Vaas is having a game of it though. A patient 90 in the first innings and he has just taken 4 for 24.
You never know it may rain for another 3 days and it will turn out a draw.
70 for 7.
72 for 9

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You don't even want to know.
After being dismissed for 81 runs in their 1st innings against Sri Lanka the following statement has been issued from the England dressing room, “It’s a shit game anyway!”

The tearful captain, Michael Vaughn said “What do you expect from us, all dressed up in white and sent to stand on a field all day with nothing better to do than argue about who is going to get to rub the ball in their crotch?”

Kevin Pietersen and Mat Prior were last seen heading for the next flight to South Africa dressed in khaki shorts and bush hats. When asked what they were doing they shouted something in Afrikaans that roughly translated means, “You can take your county contracts and citizenship offers and stick them up your arse. We’re not playing anymore.”

Meanwhile Monty Panesar is refusing to speak to anyone and has taken to pensively sharpening a Ghurka knife on his shin pads and Steve Harmison and Paul Collinwood have started a petition to have all of England North of the river Tees re-zoned as Scottish.

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Brendan - you should submit that to that online paper Mockney keeps posting. Can't remember the name. I think you were made for each other!
Yeah it is very much in Daily Mash style. (Either that or they are the ones copying me)

Thanks Mockney for introducing me to it. the finger smiley

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Just to keep this thread alive, even though I seem to be the only one posting on it. I feel that I have some kind of duty to do so especially with all the jibber-jabbering on that other thread about football. Which as far as I can make out is some archaic form of soccer still played in remote and inaccessible corners of the British Isles.

Anyway the following article about Shane Warne is probably the biggest case of the pot calling the kettle black in sporting history.

Tis the season to be sledging.
Anyone else hoping India give the ‘stralians another thumping?

Only me?

Oh well….

Cricket? You know, standing around on a field all day in white clothes?

One of the few noteworthy relics of a long forgotten, defunct empire?



2 Big stadiums in central London taking up valuable “luxury urban apartment” and Starbucks space?

Sitting in the sun all day drinking beer and applauding good sportsmanship no matter which side is winning?


For Christ sake people! Major supplier of Strictly Come Dancing contestants?

Endless days of summer rain…..
Never cared about cricket, but after the World Cup I really enjoy watching ODIs. Even if we did get thoroughly thrashed.
I did enjoy it when your prison truck driver bowled Kevin Pietersen out.

They should invite him to do Strictly Come Dancing. [www.foxsports.com.au]

The Bermudan prison truck driver that is not that “Look at me I’m English.” South African (with an Afrikaans name none the less) wally Pietersen”
Brendan, nothing idle about them. Surely some of the most pressing issues of our day?

"One of the few noteworthy relics of a long forgotten, defunct empire?" are you referring to Krikkit?
that of the wikkit gate. Yes.

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Caused some commotion at lords one sunny afternoon as I recall.
Ha ha, indeed it did.
He's a cop actually. I quite like this catch. That was a fun day in the pub!

No idea about his dancing abilities though.
I'm with you RE: India Vs Oz! I was so chuffed they stopped them getting the record, just wish they'd stopped them one test earlier so they couldn't even claim to have matched it!
Brilliant, an open fridge that flew like a gazelle and the earth shook!!

Only sports commentary!
Now children, how do you reconcile the above vitriol with Brendan's original statement:

"Sitting in the sun all day drinking beer and applauding good sportsmanship no matter which side is winning?"

Nah, it's Australians - as you were. [mine's a gin and tonic]
I even applaud Australians. One of the things that annoys me so much about them is that they are actually good enough to back up their arrogance. You can’t help but respect them.

The bastards!

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