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Breaking Bad

Does anyone have DVDs to loan? I need to do some serious catch up.

The usual fee - wine.

Steve O
I put up a thread asking the same thing a while ago and was told it was on Netflix.

Still haven't watched any of it.
Steveo, I have series 1 & 2 on DVD. Need to get them back from a mate, but he has definitely watched them, so if you don't find anything sooner, you can have them when I get them back.

Alternatively, download the whole lot through a torrent site!
Yes please Otta. I can wait.

Torrent? Isn't that naughty?
Series 1 & 2 are also available at Dulwich library (£3/series per week).
Torrent? Isn't that naughty?

Er, maybe... who's asking?
maxxi Wrote:

Series 1 & 2 are also available at Dulwich library
(£3/series per week).

Up to series 5 on Netflix - one month free trial and then a fiver a month. Worth it for Breaking Bad alone. I've crammed in 29 episodes in my first two months on Netflix and watched a couple of other films too (and the kids have watched loads of stuff). As long as you've the technology, Netflix is a no brainier for this one Steveo
I have all of them on USB if you are interested!

But netflix is best bet - seasons 1-4 inclusive.

1st half of season 5 concluded in the states last night. I have this also!
Quids - I know what you are watching on Netflix. smiling smiley

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I couldn't find any porn Mick
ratty Wrote:

1st half of season 5 concluded in the states last
night. I have this also!

I'm downloading i9t right now, thanks for the heads up! That's my evening sorted.
When season 5 started, we started at season 1 again. We went straight from Face Off to Live Free or Die last night and are now in unchartered waters. I am such a B B geek!
I finished season 5 last night (well the first half anyway). Wasn't so keen on the first couple of episodes, but it ended up as good as ever, and is set up nicely for the final 8 episodes whenever they are released...
God I love this show. Waiting for s05e08 to torrent!
How do you download stuff on torrent? Have heard of it but that's all.
I can guide you in the ways....but it's not exactly legal..
Will we get deported if we use it?
Sandperson Wrote:

God I love this show. Waiting for s05e08 to

SP (long time no see), I downloaded that very episode last night from ISO, plenty of torrents available on there.
Just getting it from ISO now! And yes I am being deported as we speak.....see you.
Don't get yourself in trouble, unless you're using an encrypted VPN to an overseas supplier, they'll know what your up to: [www.bbc.com]

Whether you end up in court for it will simply be a lottery - not necessarily a bright gamble to take. The upside is minor compared with the downside.
It's all a big fat hellenic to me.
What happens after it is downloaded?
Err.... you watch it.
Huge is right you are going on a database for using this and there are potential consequences. For the sake of some cheap subscriptions it strikes me as pretty stoopid plus it is a form of theft which potentially stifles creativity as in music. I suspect nothing will happen but for several reasons I am happy paying for content that all in all is pretty cheap.
I really don't want the Federales turning up on my doorstep.
I've seen every episode to date for free. Currently suffering serious BB withdrawal symptoms waiting for 2013. A sad and lonely place... It was like something was missing for a whole week after we finished watching the last episode. Yes, you can find and download all of them for free. Use some initiative and live life on the edge. It's worth it. Your social life will go out the window.
For BB fans.


Read da reviews
Download from a Torrent site...Vuze....Series 5 is Bad ass!
mid season break my arse!
Yep. Fooking annoying!

Just watching episode 8 again!

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