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Wanted 2/3 Bedroom for small Family - to Move in May or later

Hi all

We are starting to look for a new place to rent. We have been in our current accommodation for the past 3 years without any problems. however our Landlords are coming back to live in the property in May and therefore unfortunately we have to move on. We have been ideal tenants and have looked after their home as if it were our own house.

Me my wife and two daughters are now starting to look for a new place with 2/3 bedrooms. We have no pets and we don't smoke. I work in housing for a local authority and I know the troubles landlords go through and we try and be ideal tenants .

We have never been in rent arrears, always paid on time. Our current rent is about £1300 but we are flexible with this. We are looking for a good landlord who wishes to have their home looked after rather than just renting out as a business.

Our Landlords and us have a great relationship, which we hope to have with our next landlords. They have been very flexible with regards to leaving, so even though they would like to move back in May, they are giving us all the time we need to find the appropriate accommodation.

If you have anything or any information on lettings for me and my family please do let us know.


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Have a 2 house in camberwell near the green
Hi there

I sent you a pm.

hi i sent you a pm but no response if not interest fine but just let me know
Hi there, very sorry, we are still interested and I have pm'd you. thanks

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