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Letting Agents...recommendations in East Dulwich?


Would be glad to hear of any recent good experiences with Letting Agents in East Dulwich, in particular from the landlord's point of view.

Recommendations appreciated!

Still hoping for any recommendations, or agents to avoid...?

I've worked with Smith & Lee Property Ltd, they are based in London and the NW.

They are very good, they manage two apartments I have in London and complete repairs, liaise with the tenants and do not charge me the earth.
They provide an excellent service and are completely trustworthy. I have not had any reason for concern or even had to visit my apartments for two years now. They send annual reports with photographs and update me as needed on anything to do with the repairs, which hasn't really been necessary as the tenants are really good people. I've put their homepage link here for you to have a look.

I use Daisy Lets, and in fact I briefly worked for them, doing the accounts, so I have inside knowledge! I think they are more reasonably priced and have a lot more integrity than many agents, and in my experience they do a good job. I have just instructed them on my 4 bed house.
Thanks very much Bajanbelle and ceebeebee! Very helpful.

I know that agents go out of favour from time to time so it's good to get up to date insights.

Much appreciated!


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