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Airbnb management company wanted

Hello, we're looking for a company to manage our flat if we put it up for Airbnb... have tried 'Hostmaker' and 'Pass the keys' but they say they don't do this area. And it would be better to have a local company if possible... Does anybody know of one? Cheers, Joe
Did you get anywhere with this? I was looking on airsorted but would be interested to hear if you'd had any experience elsewhere.
Portico are very keen to manage, and they are local
I currently have my apartment on AirBnB, I did see the co hosting, however it sounds like you may need someone who can be more full time, Ie key hand over, turn around of the property. I am currently doing this on my own, which is ok, but I could not do it full time. Good Luck with your search, Portico are expensive.

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