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Amazing Nanny/Babysitter Recommendation

Our amazing nanny is looking for more day time, as well as, evening babysitting work.

She has been with my family for 4 happy years, and she is now very much one of us! We have four children; three girls and a boy, aged from 3 to 8 years, and our nanny has helped nurture and raise them, while I've juggled running a business and a home.

My children have their days with her filled with activities; be it baking, painting, jewellery making, sewing, singing or dancing. Our nanny loves taking them out to parks and museums which the children really enjoy. She's a very good cook and is health conscious, so there's no 'snack' or 'junk food' on the menu.

She's very reliable, punctual, and can be very accomadating (e.g. starting or finishing earlier/later). She's based locally so she knows the area well.

She has been a nanny for over 8 years now, so she also has a wealth of childcare/family experience.

I cannot recommend her enough and I'm sure she'll make a lovely addition to your family.

Our nanny is available for 2/3 days a week (Monday ~ Wednesday) and for evening babysitting most nights. She can also do ad hoc full days/sick day cover and school holidays.


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She's still available to babysit this evening or over the weekend, if you're looking for a last minute babysitter. Feel free to send me a message.
Hi yuuna, we are a family of four with two small children. We live on hernehill/north dulwich triangle(Sunray ave) and are very interested in getting to know a local babysitter. We would be looking for the occasional weekend/ evening baby sit and also someone to help with pick ups from a local nursery a couple of evenings a week. I am currently on maternity leave, but will need someone to care or the children when I do an occasional Kit day. If you think this is something that your nanny would be interested in , please let us know. Thanks Lucia and dan.
I can also recommend this lovely nanny! She's babysat for my two girls very often and they love her. The girls are always excited to see her, and they have such a lot of fun together. It's also been very helful recently with number 3 on the way, to have someone on the weekends who can take them out to explore the city. She's very flexible which really helps.

Unfortunately, we've had to cancel going out this weekend (flu has struck the family...) so I am sure Abi is free to babysit this week/weekend. I'm happy to provide a further reference also, so feel free to send me a pm if interested.

Our nanny is still looking to do more evening babysitting. She can also do mornings, so if there are any mums who may need a few hours to get some work done, or have some 'me time', our nanny is quite flexible.
Our nanny is still available. Ideally, she is looking to work with families in the (East) Dulwich/Camberwell area.

Send me a message if you're interested.
Hi, I'm interested - I need a back-up occasional evening and weekend babysitter for my 2 year old twins and 5 year old boy when our regular nanny can't cover it. We live in East Dulwich. Will message you.


hi, I am looking for a nanny to do school drop off M to F. 8am to 9am. would that work for your nanny? PM me thanks!
Hi. We are looking for a morning nanny. Roughly 2 hours a day. 7:15am to 9:15 am aprox. Involves coming to our house, getting our 1.5 year old son ready for nursery, dropping him off and then bringing the pram home. Is you nanny interested in this? It's a long-term position if she's like?

Hi. We are looking for a morning nanny. Roughly 2 hours a day. 7:15am to 9:15 am aprox. Involves coming to our house, getting our 1.5 year old son ready for nursery, dropping him off and then bringing the pram home. Is you nanny interested in this? It's a long-term position if she's like?

What hours does she have available? I was looking for 2 days but could potentially change that to 3 mornings if she has enough hours available? Am North Dulwich - pls message me at alexjj80@hotmail.com
Sorry for not responding sooner to messages (it's been a busy week).

Our nanny is looking to do at least a few hours (3~4) in the mornings, or she can do full days.
She is still keen to do babysitting, and she is available this Friday (tomorrow).
still looking
Still looking for a morning nanny please.
Just to clarify: this is a recommendation thread for my children's nanny.
*We are NOT recruiting a nanny*

So please do not use this thread (which one would have had to search for specifically, as above) to advertise...use your own thread?

Thank you.
Hi Yuuna,

Our family needs a nanny Monday - Wednesday from August for our two boys. Please let me know if it is something your nanny might be interested in.

Hi, thanks for your reply.
August is still quite a while away, and she is looking at positions starting sooner.

She is still available for regular babysitting!

Dear Yuuna,

Not sure if you received my private message a few days ago, but we would be very keen to speak to your nanny about some part time work. It would be great if you could possibly PM me her details.

Many thanks,

Hello Yuuna,
Not sure if your nanny is looking for more hours than this but we're looking for someone to collect our two children (6 and 4), Mon-Weds, 3.30-7pm. It would involve collecting from school (15 mins walk from home), helping with school work, feeding them their supper and getting them ready for bed. NB there would be some full days during school holidays.
Do let me know if she's interested. Thanks.
Hi Yuuna

Is your nanny available for babysitting this Saturday (22nd)? We're new to the area and our other babysitter can't do it. We'd be in the market for future babysitting from time to time too.

Thanks, Melissa (07976 825216)
Hi Yuuna,

I am not sure whether you are still interested in nanny/babysitting options (seeing the response!) but we have two well behaved children (8 & 11) who used to have a routine of being picked up from school at 5.30pm and then having tea at home until one of us got home for around 7.30 / 8pm. This routine ran on Monday, Tuesday, (Wednesday sometimes) & Thursday's.
Is this something you might be interested in ? Feel free to give me a call.


Simon (07884427024)
Sorry for not seeing this sooner. Our nanny is only looking for Monday to Wednesdays for full days/permanent positions. She is available for evening babysitting and adhoc/temporary cover.
She is still available for babysitting and occasional/temporary cover. Feel free to send me a message if you would like her contact details.
It's probably last minute, but as we've had to cancel our dinner plans, our nanny is available to babysit this weekend. Let me know if you're interested, and I can send you her contact details. Thanks!

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