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Private swimming lessons

I'm looking for a private 1:1 swimming coach for my 4 year old son, I'm looking for lessons to be during the day on a Thursday or Friday if anyone knows of anyone please let me know. Local to Dulwich/Peckham/camberwell or within easy access on public transport.
Hi, i am a very experienced swim mum. Two of my children were competitive swimmers. I know that children really enjoy swimming in a group. They learn from each other. So from that point of view, unless to work on a specific aspect of technique, it is really good to train in a group. I know it not only from our family experience, but also from a swim coach.
Swimming clubs often have good swimming schools so maybe Dulwich Dolphins could be your answer. If not, you could also book just swimming lessons in any of the centre and if your child loves it, you could book the lessons twice a week.
Whichever way you go for, swimming is great activity for the kids.

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