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For sale: balance bike, micro scooter, seat and o bar. Now all sold.

Red balance bike- this one [www.toysrus.co.uk] in good condition but covered in Octonauts stickers £10

Orange mini micro scooter that needs new handles but is otherwise in good condition. £20

Mini micro scooter seat and o bar, virtually unused. £10

Or both the scooter and seat/o bar for £25.

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Is this still available?

I have PMd you.

Hi is the balance bike still available? I am interested in it. Thanks
Hi - probably it's too late but is the seat and O bar available still?
Happy to pick it up ASAP
O bar and seat and balance bike gone, scooter still available.
Is the mini micro scooter still available? Is it the one that has a seat as well like this? [www.micro-scooters.co.uk]
No, sorry, it's not that one and the seat and o bar have already been sold.

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