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Post Natal Pilates & Yoga


I teach pilates & yoga exercise specifically adapted for the post partum months with particular focus on any abdominal separation & pelvic girdle pain.

The post partum time is an opportunity to gradually allow your body to return to pre-pregnancy condition, whilst considering the physical changes that have occurred. The classes will help with improved posture to help with the demands of feeding & carrying baby, as well as strengthening the appropriate core muscles. Relaxation is key component as well.

I also work with a local women's health physiotherapist who can be consulted, if required.

The 1:1 sessions are 1 hour & introductory offers are available May-July. (Offer also available for ante-natal private tuition).

Recommendations are on the EDF or on my website - www.pilatesform.co.uk

Please email for further information & booking - info@pilatesform.co.uk

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