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Fab Babysitter/Nanny Recommendation

Our amazing nanny is looking for more day time, as well as, evening babysitting work.

She has been with my family for 4 happy years, and she is now very much one of us! We have four children; three girls and a boy, aged from 3 to 8 years, and our nanny has helped nurture and raise them, while I've juggled running a business and a home.

My children have their days with her filled with activities; be it baking, painting, jewellery making, sewing, singing or dancing. Our nanny loves taking them out to parks and museums which the children really enjoy. She's a very good cook and is health conscious, so there's no 'snack' or 'junk food' on the menu.

She's very reliable, punctual, and can be very accomadating (e.g. starting or finishing earlier/later). She's based locally so she knows the area well.

She has been a nanny for 9 years now, so she also has a wealth of childcare/family experience.

I cannot recommend her enough and I'm sure she'll make a lovely addition to your family.

Our nanny is available for 2/3 days a week (Monday ~ Wednesday) and for evening babysitting most nights. She can also do ad hoc full days/sick day cover and school holidays.

She is available to babysit this week!

Hi - would she be interested in 3 days school pick up from September?
J-Mo, I think she would be looking for full days by then, however, she is looking for work now, and over the school holidays.

Thanks for your enquiry!
I've pm'd you
I've pm'd you
Hi Yuuna would she travel to Sydenham?
We are looking for ad hoc only for our 6 years old daughter who is at Harris Academy in Penge.
Many thanks
I just wanted to clarify that she is looking primarily to work with families in the (East) Dulwich area, or also in Camberwell. She is still available, and looking, for families to babysit for.
Our nanny is now available to babysit this week, or in the evening, due to last minute cancellations.
Let me know if you are interested, and I will pass on her contact details.
Hi Yuuna,

I would be interested in having someone for occasional babysitting. I have a 17 year old baby boy.

Could you pass me her contact details?


Hi Yunna

Do you know if she signed up with bubble the babysitting app - I PM'd you some info.

If she is looking for babysitting work she should sign up and mark herself as available as we have families looking for sitters.

Let me know if you haven't got the info and I'll send across.

She can also offer the £20 FREE credit to any families that want to book her using the link [o4y5.app.link] and code CBVPH

Plus parents that sign up to the app get weekly 2 for 1 tickets (Mon - Thurs) at ED Picturehouse smiling smiley
Our nanny is still available for more babysitting this weekend, and she is free to work over the Summer holidays; both part and full days.

Do let me know if you are interested.

Our nanny also has availability on Thursday (all day), and on Friday (daytime), as well as next week.

Let me know if you're interested!
She is available for babysitting this week(end), and our nanny is looking for work over these school holidays. Do let me know if you are interested (and are based locally).

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