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Toddler Toy Bundle

Selling a bundle of toddler toys. All been much loved by our toddler but have plenty of life left in them.
Ideally I'd just like to sell them all in one bundle for £20 (which is an AWESOME bargain!).

More pics to come - but the bundle includes:

Brio Hammer and Peg Set - in excellent condition
Ikea - colour and size stacker
Janod truck - is a shape sorter as well (we have 4 of the original 6 pieces)
Animal Puzzle - sadly the pig cannot be found, but if he turns up we'll be sure to let you know!
Stripey Jellycat Dog - nearly new
Pirate Toddler Walking toy - very cool!
Venetian Gondelier spinning toy (actually from Venice - making this a very international collection)
Disney shape sorter - also contains extra shapes that don't belong to this set, but fit perfectly
Three more pics
And the last ones.
We found the last piece of the puzzle!

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