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Maclaren Quest buggy for sale and Lascal buggy board- BOTH GONE

Blue and coffee coloured Maclaren Quest buggy, in good order, wheels not worn down, works well- with rain cover included.

£30 from Herne Hill

Lascal Maxi buggy board in good condition, connectors attached to Maclaren buggy (also advertised) but can be removed if someone wants to buy separately. £10 from Herne Hill. Bought originally for £69.99 - see below.


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I'm interested in the buggy if you still have it? I could come to have a look / collect it either tomorrow evening (Tuesday) or sometime during the day on Wednesday.

I would like the buggy board if it's still available pl adr and can pick up tomorrow evening?
Mrs P, yes the buggy is still available, did you want with or without buggy board? I have pm'd you my details.
Hi Sianycarr, If Mrs P is not taking the buggy board with the buggy, it is yours? Just waiting for her to respond and will let you know
Sianycarr, Mrs P is taking the buggy and buggy board, I will let you know if this changes.
SianyCarr the buggy board is available if you'd still like it?
So sorry, ignore last message- i'm getting confused with different PM messages!! Too much going on. Mrs P is due to collect the buggy & buggy board. Apologies

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