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wanted: Lovely nanny for 4 days a week

We are hoping to find a fantastic nanny who enjoys her job.
Ideally you'd have 4 plus years experience
You'd drive
You'd be ok with a slightly chaotic household (not behaviour, just manic work, busy lives etc)
You;d have a great sense of fun
You'd be happy to be firm but fair when needed
You'd be happy to take control and own the role with confidence.
You'd be sociable and an out and about type. Meeting up with other nannies/ inviting hoards of kids round to ours. (we are up for it all).
You're looking for a long term job.

We have had a fabulous nanny for years in a nanny share but now we are in need of a sole care nanny. If you are interested in looking after a very chatty, kind, calm 4 year old girl (starting school in Sept). And a fun, cuddly one year old who eats as much as his Dad then Please get in touch.
We live in Nunhead, in a house, we'd like to think we'd be nice to work with and understand the fit is as much about you wanting to work with us and vise versa.

Hope to hear from you. Start date flexible.
Hello idealobe!

Your family sounds great! And you've described my dream job! I definitely fit the personality bill and I'm looking to be a sole care nanny. Have a gander at my CV or we could grab a coffee/tea/whichever soft (or hard ;)) beverage you prefer.

Looking forward to hearing from you,



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