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Please don't bump posts

Hi all,

Time for a friendly reminder not to bump posts please. This is a fast moving board, and it's not fair for posts to be pushed down by people bumping up their posts daily (i.e., "still available" the day after first posting it). I have had to hide about 20 posts so far today from people doing exactly this, and to be honest I have better things to do!

Repeat offenders will receive an email from me. Continuing to break the rules will result in a ban.

Thank you for your understanding.
There have been a lot of posts bumped over the past few days - please please please don't do it! My tolerance is zero to this, so bumped posts are being removed without warning.

This includes reducing prices daily (which is happening a lot) - just edit your original post, please don't bump!
Thanks Littlebelka, but really no need.

The best thing to do when your item is sold is to simply edit the original post (don't reply to it, that will bump it up) and change the title to reflect that the item has been sold.

I've removed your post which caused your post to go right back to the top, will leave it to you to edit the title.

Hi omz

If you edit your post and change the title it won't be bumped to the top.


renarde Wrote:

please tell me how i get a red "new"mention when i
do a fresh posting. Thank you!!!!


This function is an automatic one, however you will never see "new" beside your own posts, only those of other people. Yours will show as new to other users.

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