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Multiple postings - zero tolerance

Just a reminder that if you have more than one item to sell, please list them all on one post rather than starting lots of individual posts.

This helps to keep the boards fair for all - if one person starts 8 separate posts it means others get pushed down faster, which then starts the other problem of people bumping posts.

Multiple threads are removed without warning. If you can't find your thread, chances are that's the reason why.

Thanks all for your cooperation.
Time for a reminder about this rule, as there are a number of culprits once again posting many times.

If you wish to reduce the price of an item, please don't use this as an excuse to bump your post back to the top of the list a few hours after first advertising it - just edit your original post to reflect the new price.

Has your post disappeared? Chances are you have broken the rules.

If I emailed every person to let them know I would rapidly run out of hours in the day, so your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.
Reminder - please, if you are selling multiple items, list them all in a single post, or two posts at most. I've had to remove a lot of posts in the past few days and don't get time to email every person affected, so if your post has gone missing this is why.

Many thanks
Time for a reminder regarding this rule, as it's the time of year when the classified board starts to move quickly. Please don't start multiple posts to sell items, add them all to one, or two, threads.

Multiple posts are removed without warning, as I simply don't have time to email everybody individually.

Thanks for your understanding.
This is a 2017 reminder that multiple posting is against forum rules. It's not fair on anyone because it bumps everyone else's posts to the bottom.

Please stick to the rules or the forum daleks will exterminate your posts.
I've seen so many multiple posts on the for sale section and this family classifieds section i.e. some people are creating 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or more separate posts and this makes more pages to read so it's still a problem.

Maybe they don't know that they just need to click on the 'reply to this message' blurb to make it a continuous post?

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I am now deleting all multiple posts, as promised. Two will be tolerated but anything beyond that and they're dalek fodder.

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