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vinyl lover seeks your unloved / unwanted cds and vinyl!! indie, prog,rock, heavy metal

skint post-Xmas? got a record collection gathering dust? cash waiting
vinyl enthusiast seeks your unwanted vinyl and cds

hopelessly addicted vinyl fiend seeks your unwanted vinyl.. cash money waiting!!

most things considered but my preferences are 80's/90's/noughties indie/alt rock
60's beat, 70's rock / psych / prog rock / classic rock and even heavy metal
i also have a healthy appetite for hip hop / funk / soul & disco
also most genres of dance music - house, techno, electronica etc
what chance do i have when my tastes are so broad.. none whatsoever!!

DIRECT MESSAGE with anything you think might be of interest
all the best

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still on the look out for your old records / cds etc.. any size of collection considered!!
cash waiting
thanks Julien
what do you have left? do you have anymore to sell?

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