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Wanted: Piano (upright or baby grand)

Hello. We are saving up to buy the piano of our dreams but, in the meantime, just want something to play. If you have a piano with a decent tone that you'd like to get rid of, we're listening! Free is preferable, but we're willing to discuss payment if it's a nice piano. We will pick up.

Thank you!

Hi Caroline

We have a piano that's been in my family for nearly 50 years! Sadly, we've just not got the space for it anymore (3 growing kids and all that comes with them!) so we're thinking about going down the electric piano route. My siblings and I all leaned to play on this piano and it does have a nice tone - although it's urgently in need of tuning!

It's a nice-looking, upright, iron-framed piano. The music stand has sadly come off, but it's yours for free if you'd like it! I think I've attached some pictures of it for you!

FYI - We're in Beckenham.

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