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Temp Kitchen stuff needed - Camping stove or hot plate or Pressure cooker

Hello, we're having our kitchen redone and will be in a temp kitchen in the living room for 3 months without a stove/oven... so looking to buy or borrow(hire?) some sort of camping stove or similar for three months...? Thank you very much - Lauren
Sorry can't help,but a steamer works wonders too...Jenny
What about using a microwave.
"Am Happy" is selling an electric cooker(pot)for £10....in a multi sale post....good luck...Jenny
Have you tried a halogen oven? I sweat by mine and have not used an oven for 2 years. You can get them from Argos for aprox £1000
Hello, I want to advise you to pay attention to electric oval pressure cooker, for example Redmond. I bought my own at [multicooker.com] excellent products with a wide range of functions and capabilities. Qualitatively made of good metal and has an amazing design. Includes 6 automatic programs, KEEP WARM function, REHEAT function and TIME DELAY function. Really nice, you can search something interesting on a website that I leave for you. Good luck, hope it helps you).
Sorry, just read my posting, halogen oven is around £100 not £1000
Hi - we've got an electric worktop hob which we used when we were doing our kitchen. It's European so needs an adaptor which we seem to have lost, but if it sounds like it might be useful, let me know and I can try to dig it out the loft.

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