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Wanted: Chilled out Great Dane or Other Big Dog + Owner for Filming

We are a local business who are looking for a friendly Great Dane or other very large short-haired dog for a couple of hours filming next week. The filming will involve casting the dog's paw along with their owner's hand in a bucket of alginate and then creating a plaster cast from that mould.

The final video will be posted on our Facebook page where we have over a million followers. We are specifically after a very big dog with short fur, so if you have a Great Dane or similar and fancy a bit of fun and a lovely little plaster keepsake of your pet's paw in yours, do send me a PM.

Many thanks, Alison
Will there be a fee?
I have a Bernese mountain dog with a very large paw..not that hairy...he is very friendly
A big thank you to everyone who got in touch - we've had lots of lovely offers and are filming Benson the Bernese mountain dog next Tuesday.


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