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Advertisements DO NOT go in this section

It's been a while since I had a grump, but of late there have been so many business advertising their services in this section that I am starting to lose my patience.

If you run a class, offer tutoring, look after pets/children, help people lose weight (etc etc), then you should not post in this section.

Zero tolerance from now on, I've previously been moving threads that are in the wrong place, but the list of repeat offenders is as long as my arm and the hours in a day are limited, so threads will be deleted without warning.

Thanks for the clarification. It can be a bit unclear, espectially if you are a freqeunt poster in this section or are responding to a request of recommendation.
Hello moderator

I've just launched a site flendr.com which is about lending between family and friends - a big taboo, but this makes it easier. I am on the forum (have even bought some stuff and sold stuff) and I'd like to see what the forum thinks about it or lending between friends and family in general. I've done it all my life - hence Flendr. Can I do that/how can i do that.

Thanks in advance

My guess it depends on the definition of "advertisements". If I recommend my favourite baby food shop to someone asking for ideas and suggestions on the topic, would that be considered a violation?

Should not be the case.

Whereas XYZ corporation coming in to say how great their services are, I think we are all much sick and tired of that and heavyweight moderation is certainly due.
Hi Sorry Ive only just joined so was completely unaware of this, Im guessing that's why my post about guitar lessons has disappeared
Hi - where do adverts for tuition go?

Where do ads go? I'm wanting to post for an after school arts and crafts group!

Many thanks

hi I've posted in what on in east dulwich.... is that the appropriate spot to advertise?

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